friday night sew in-finished quilt top

I finished the top!  Yesterday, my husband and I went to Joanne’s and found this fabric. The bonus of having a husband who is an artist is getting out-of-the-box color advice. I knew I would be using orange in this quilt, but I never would have picked this peach color.  I think I would have used a rustier color, but  I love the way the peach makes the quilt glow. I had the intention of adding a frame of pieced squares, but I just liked the fabric I bought so much I went with it.  I was able to get the top completely sewn last night.  Hopefully, today or tomorrow I will get the quilt basted.  I think I am on track to have it done for February, my second ufo done for 2011.


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  1. I don’t know that I would have picked peach either but you’re right… it makes the quilt top glow…

    • Thanks. I was really surprised after I sewed it even though I had held the fabric up to it in the store.

  2. Beautiful! I know you were worried, but I love the colors.

    • Thanks. It is always interesting how these things come together.

  3. The orange looks awesome – great FNSI!

    • Thanks. I popped over to your site and the border looks great!

  4. I really like the border of your quilt top.

    • Thank you. I was surprised myself. Your pillow really turned out cute, too.

  5. I love the bold colors in your quilt. It is striking 🙂 Great FNSI!

    • Thank you! I am excited to finish it. Thanks for stopping by.

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