March Ufo number 1

Judy pulled number one for the March Ufo. My number 1 is the Hawaii quilt.  This quilt is actually bound and complete.  Except that I don’t feel like it is complete.  I feel like it is missing something.  Possibly leaves.  Anyway, I will pull it out and take a look at it.  I bought some green fabric that I think would make nice leaves and I may start just cutting and looking.


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  1. Hmmm…it will be interesting to see what you decide.

    • Thanks. I have more ideas now than I did on Friday, so I think it is getting clearer.

  2. I like it- it’s a great fall looking quilt but if you’re not happy you should go ahead and make it even more gorgeous.

    Thanks for visiting FTF on Friday and taking the time to leave a comment. It was lovely to “meet ” you!

    • Thanks. I have been thinking about it this weekend and I think I have a plan. Still fuzzy about the details but clearer than I was.

  3. Very nice March finish – thanks for sharing. Judy C

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