back of silk quilt


Here it is the back of the silk quilt before I assembled it.  I love the back of unfinished quilts.  All those seams carefully pressed.  As you can see, I never quite get all my seams going the same way.  I like the ant trail of hand stitches that show up on the back. I did crazy quilt foundation piecing on this quilt.   I especially like how unfinished foundation pieced quilts look from the back. It’s like a secret part of the quilt only known the quilter and, if paper pieced, often ripped out before assembly.  In this quilt, I cut up a worn sheet to use as a stabilizer.  The quilt was really worn- to the point of being sheer -so it had almost no effect on the hand. However, together the silk and the sheet became more manageable to sew, less slippery and more likely to match up. 


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  1. It’s really great how even the smallest parts of something you love are your favorite–the backs of your quilts when they’re all put together. I really like a great primed canvas, ready for painting and the last stitch of a crocheting project (if I ever make it that far)! Congrats on nearly finishing! I can’t wait to see the “UFOs” in person!

    • I know… there is a satisfaction to completing it to that point. But also the secret feeling of the back that no one sees, kind of like the quilt’s underwear.

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