To preface this, we were very sick.  My older son got it first, then passed it to the rest of us. Steve and my younger son went in to the doctor on Friday. Steve had bronchitis and younger boy had walking pneumonia. I was just really sick.  I had been on the couch the whole weekend. I had already been sick for a week, but didn’t have time or energy to go to the doctor.  We knew the car had a fuel line that was leaking, but we thought we could still drive it.

5:00 am I got up, showered get ready for work. Even though I felt like crap, I had already missed one day the week before so I was trying to tough it out.

6:30 am I got in the car with my husband to drive to work.  We realized that AS WE ARE DRIVING,  the fuel gauge was going down.  There was no way we can get to my work without running out gas.  When I got out of the car, I saw a small line of gas.  I called in sick.

6:45am I laid down and tried to rest my head. Put a load of laundry in the washing machine.

7:20am I woke the younger boy up.  He has been out of school a whole week.  He was not too excited about going back.  He alternated between being anxious and coughing very loudly as his excuse.  Finally, I pushed him out the door at 8:05, only 5 minutes late.  I tried to maintain while remembering he managed to spend the whole day before the playing on the internet and guitar.

8:15 am The younger boy comes back.  He asked if I can I walk him to school. I got bundled up because it is 2 degrees. 2 degrees.  I coughed all the way to the school (only 3 blocks) .  I have say this walk was worth it although, because at the end he gave me hug and said, “I’ll be ok now.”  It is rare that he needs me any more now that he is 12.

8:30 am Steve took the car to the garage.

8:35 am My older boy got out of the shower and informed me he had no clean pants.  I asked him why he didn’t tell anyone yesterday or put a load in himself.  He had no answer.  I looked for pants in his closet for myself. No pants.  Looked for pants in his brother’s closet.  No pants.  I remembered that I put load of laundry in the washing machine.  I looked in the machine.  How did I wash a load of laundry with no pants?  I went upstairs and found a pair of pants out of the wash that were not visibly dirty.  I took a damp towel to put in with the pants in the dryer to refresh them a little bit more.  I opened the dryer.  Pants.  I forgot we did a load of laundry when the other boy threw up on Saturday.  I gave the pants to the boy.  He told me he already missed the city bus and another doesn’t come for an hour.

9:00 am Laid on the couched and coughed.

9:30 am Husband returned from the mechanic.

9:45 am Big boy took off for the bus.

9:50 am The younger boy called from school.  He told me he is really sick and needs to come home.  I talked to the nurse and she said he had no fever and looked fine.  I tried to shake my sick mind to clear it. Is he sick or just taking advantage? Finally, I remembered that he has a dad and he just got back from the mechanic.  I’ll let Steve decide.

9:55 am I bundled up to walk to school.  I signed boy out. I walked back, coughing and coughing.  I noticed strangely boy was not coughing at all

10:15am Laid back down.  Tried to rest.

What did I learn from this morning?  Well, I am still needed.  As my kids become more self sufficient, I forget how they still do need me sometimes.  It is a nice feeling. I also learned that I can only handle so many disruptions before I have to give something up.  My life is just that full. In this case, it was work.  If I am just sick, I can still get to work.  When I am sick, and two or three other things go wrong, something has to give.

I wrote this nearly two weeks ago, and I have been struggling with it ever since.  I want to post it because part of this blog’s purpose is to document my life, and this is one of those days that probably won’t remember in the future, but I think I will look back it on with humor.  That being said, my goodness, it is whiny!  So this is what I say:

I am so blessed.  I have a healthy family, a huge supportive extended family, a sound house.  My mom and dad are young and healthy.  I have a stable job.  So many blessings.  I have been watching the Japanese coverage with so much sadness.  Watching people lose so much is so heartbreaking and makes me appreciate what I have been given even more.

6 thoughts on “Monday morning blues-true story

  1. Everytime I really get to feeling sorry for myself, someing REAL happens, eiher to me or to someone I know or to the world at large, that reminds me that I have no serious problems. Yes, an occasional inconvenience, but nothing worth calling a PROBLEM. Your story is a funny (not whiny) reminder of how life is sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You hit it on the head. After I wrote it the earthquake came in the news, and I felt my little troubles became very trivial. Yet, it really captures this time in our life. I spent a lot of time working on it before I posted it. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

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