In spite of having so many works in progress, I started a new quilt.  I wanted to use up my denim and I had seen many faux cathedral window quilts using denim.  I read through this tutorial to get an idea of how to put it together.  It looks like a lot of circles, right?  However, I did so math in church the other day (sorry, Paster B), and I figure I need 360 circles.  Pictured above is 100 circles.  So I have only completed one-third.  I think it will be a pretty quilt.  The pattern self-finishes as it is sewn together, so that will be an interesting way to work. 

I plan use scraps for the inner squares so I will use up a lot of odds and ends. I actually will end up with two quilts because the squares are not for the centers of the quilts.  I want to make a rainbow quilt so the centers will be primary colors in plain cotton.  I will probably make a plain nine patch from the denim squares.

6 thoughts on “new denim quilt

  1. I can’t wait to see this one! What are you using to cut your circles? please don’t said a plain scissors. Also if you need more demin – I have a ton I can send you.

    1. For Christmas, I bought a square ruler that is 4 1/2 inches. I knew I wanted to use that for the centers. So I went through the house and measured anything circular that could possibly be the right side. That brown plate that is in the picture is the exact right size for my 4 1/2 square! So I have been tracing around the circle with a ball point pen and -you guessed right- then using scissors. I may take you up on the denim. I found a few more pieces but I don’t know if I have enough yet.

      1. just let me know about the denim – I can mail it out whenever you want it. It is mostly little boys jeans with holes in the knees – I would bet I have 15 – 20 pair just waiting for someone to use them. And it sure would beat me throwing them away! I can’t believe you are hand cutting all those with a scissor – crazy, however if I had a template I would volunteer my cutting services. It seems like I nice monotonous thing to do with my hands while watching American Idol.

      2. I might take you up on that. I will look around and see if I can find another one of those plates. I think I have one and it would be fun to do the quilt together.

  2. Looks like a good beginning to me. And, since when does “number of works in progress” have anything to do with “start a new project”? 🙂 It doesn’t seem to influence me much.

    1. I didn’t know I had so many wip until I did the ufo challenge. But I guess if I finish all of these without starting more, how would I participate next year? Take care, I’m glad to see spring is starting to happen in your area. I saw two crocuses yesterday here finally.

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