Wow! Who would have thought that a little chicken gift would come through such a long and arduous path?  Anyway, here it is: the final chicken quilt, finished and already on the way to its recipient.  I really love how it turned out, so bright and full of joy.  I didn’t realize how fun chickens were as a motif but I really got into the idea of it. 

This little quilt could be used as a pot holder, so I tried to make it washable.  It has a cotton batt and is 100% cotton.  I used a little binding trick that I like to use when I know something is going to be washed often.  Also, it is super quick.  I sew the binding to the front of the quilt as usual. Then I press the binding flat.  I press my quarter-inch seam allowance. I have a roll of the half-inch fusible tape that most people use as a quick fix for hems. I pull binding into the finished position, and slip a strip of the fusible web between the loose binding edge and the quilt.  I fuse it, and lastly sew through it.  If you are talented, you will line this all up, and catch the back perfectly sewing from the front in the ditch between the quilt and the binding. You can see from the photo that  I tried to sew from the front, and I missed in a few spots, so I had to flip it over and stitch those edges down again.

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