Steve and I finally got in gear and painted the kitchen.  This is huge undertaking for us.  First, is the huge debate as to what color we should paint.  Because we are both artists, we both have very strong opinions about what color we like and would be appropiate. These “discussions”  finally results in one of us just agreeing just to get it over with.  At least this one turned out ok, although every time he painted a little more, each one of us would alternately hate it.  Only the fact that graduation was coming, and I would not change the color once we started because it simply had to be done, made us persevere.  In any case, in the end, I do love it.  It is like a giant easter egg.  Here’s the pictures, which have been severely cropped to protect the chronically messy:

You can see the powder blue in the dining room in this picture.  It works together surprisingly well.

And finally…

It even looks better now because Steve has touched it up and scraped the windows. Cropping those photos helped me to define some of my problem areas and I have already straightened some of them. Maybe I should do that in every room (sigh). Slowly, slowly, we march forward.

Happy Easter!

He is risen!  May your life be full of God’s love!

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