My mom sent me an awesome gift for my birthday.  Here’s a picture:

I totally love it.  Also, I was completely surprised.  She told me my present was coming in the mail and I shouldn’t let it freeze.  I assumed it was liquid.  When I saw the box said mushrooms, I was very confused.  I thought maybe she had got some truffle oil or something.  But no, it was much, much better.  A mushroom log!  Science experiment and food in the same awesome project.  So, Paul, Steve and I sat down to put it together.  It was easy to assemble. The only thing we needed to provide was a sharp knife and a shallow bowl of water.  In one week, we had the little protrusions above, but then a few days later:


It was only one more day and we ate them.  They really grow that fast.  If you are interested in doing this fun, delicious and even educational project, the company she ordered from is Gourmet and Mushroom Products.

So we had the mushrooms sautéed in chicken stock and butter, then mixed with a little cream over angel hair pasta with a little parmesan cheese on top.  Wow! So delicious!  Thanks again, Mom!  Now, we have started growing our second batch.  I can’t wait.  I already know that I want: cream of mushroom soup. Yum.

5 thoughts on “mushrooms

  1. I am so glad it worked! When she was describing it to me I was a little sceptical – but it looks awesome!

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