So last Monday, my eldest son and I went to see his college.  He has chosen a local community college right downtown here in Minneapolis.  I was a little disappointed he wasn’t going to my alma mater, the U of M, but since he is smarter than me, he looked at the economics of the situation and chose a community college.  He has a strong possibility of emerging out of the first two years of college with no debt.  I guess all those years of listening to his parents complaining about the student loans had some impact, too.  In any case, I went to look at the school with him.  I was so surprised at what a great school it was. It had beautiful views of the city.  They had huge amounts of technology.   Even though this is a cliche, I can describe it best as “state of the art”.

Anyway, as the representative showed us the school I became more and more excited with all the opportunities he will have.  I remember how I felt when I started college, like I could go in any direction. I feel the same way about him.  He is full of open ended potential.  All of these things washed over me, I got over excited and as I often do, a little weepy.  However, I held it together and didn’t become too embarrassing.  I just told him that I thought he had made a really good choice, and I was proud of him.  I told him he had so many choices there and I was excited for him.  Then I hugged him several times.  I can tell he was happy too.  He actually let me hug him without shrugging me off (ok, maybe I was a little embarrassing but he was very tolerant), and he smiled. Then, to celebrate, our whole family went out to Pepito’s for dinner.

Pepito’s is embedded in our family history so it was nice cap to the day.  When Steve and I  first moved into our house when I was pregnant with Eliott, our very first night that we ate dinner in this house, we sat on our little porch with take out from Pepito’s.  We watched the Flintstones on our little black and white tv.

Now, my big boy man is graduating from high school, going to college.  Time certainly flies.  This year is full of those mingled feelings of endings and beginnings, nostolgia and brand new experiences. This creates a huge hodge podge of feelings.  I didn’t know how much of child rearing is happiness and sadness all mixed together.  It is surprising that I am not even more embarrassing.

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