A few weeks ago, I went to my uncle’s house to help my aunt and my mom clear out the clothing for my aunt who passed away in January.  It was really difficult to be at her house without her there.  I know that she has gone on to a better place, and is peaceful.  Still, it was hard to see her absence.

He was kind to allow me to have as many things as I wanted, and what a blessing that is to me.  I have been watching my money more carefully this year with graduation, and my clothing has fallen to the bottom of the list of my purchases. 

My aunt had beautiful taste in everything, and her clothing is no different. She picked the prettiest but still tasteful and useful things.  Her whole life was like that. She always kept her house carefully clean, but it was always warm and welcoming.

It’s a blessing that her clothes would fit me, and my uncle would take the time to include me when her closet needed cleaning.  She managed to give to me again, as she did many times when she was here.  This in no way makes me unique, she was just the kind of person who was thoughtful and kind.  I was a little nervous about the whole situation, until my friend at work told me about the sweatshirts she got when her father passed unexpectedly.  Every time she wears one she feels like she is being hugged by her father.  So these last few weeks, I have been hugged every day from above.

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