I have been so busy with graduation plans, I haven’t taken any photos.  So I went through my old photos that I hadn’t used for the blog and found this one.  A few months ago we drove out to Yo-yo donuts and bought these donuts.  Do you see the bacon? The whole reason we went was because of the bacon donut.  It is a maple long  john with a slice of bacon on it.  Delicious.  The other ones were great, too. 

Anyway, I have been too busy to do much work except on Eliott’s scrapbook and photos.  I have spent the last 17 years shoving photos randomly in photo albums and boxes.  Now, I am trying to impose some kind of order on the photos.  Right now, I am just shooting for chronological order.  It would seem that since I acquired the photos in chronological order, I would have put them in the book in said order.  That is how a logical person would do it.  That imaginary mother would buy an album, fill it in order, then get another and do the same and so on.  I think I bought an album, filled it, then went back and put pictures I liked over older pictures I didn’t like as much.  Maybe that’s how.  Maybe a squirrel came in and rearranged them according to the squirrel’s alphabet.  Actually, I don’t remember.  I’m having a hard enough time guessing the order of the pictures based on size of the boy, whether or not his brother was in them or what glasses I’m wearing.  It has been fun to remember all those times.

2 thoughts on “graduation

  1. 1. ewww bacon doughnut
    2. awesome – size of boy, glasses, brother in, don’t forget by the paint color of the room/house, what car they are playing in front of, and the statis of garden vs. grass ratio in the yard.
    Great stuff!! I don’t look forward to the day I have to revisit the stash of photos and stuff when my babies get big – mmmm, maybe this should be taken as a lesson for me to start now???? nah, I wouldn’t want to rob myself of the joy you are having as we very speak!

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