So, for the past few weeks I have done almost no sewing or crafting.  I have been busy cleaning and fixing up my much neglected house up for my son’s graduation party.  I supposed there is some creativity involved, but mostly I am imposing order on my much-loved chaos.   Also, I have had a few temper tantrums in the middle of Home Depot.

So here are some of my projects in process.  I wish I could say they are complete, but not quite.

This is my bathroom.  Yes, after much discussion we decided on a color.  This is the THIRD color we tried.  The first color was a light pink.  It was very intense. Actually, I didn’t mind it on the wall as an abstraction, but behind me as a backdrop it drove me crazy.  I know this is self-centered but seriously: I look at myself in that mirror every day.  I couldn’t look bad every day until I get the will up to repaint ( I know my lack of will).  So we took a quart of dark rose that I had and mixed it in with the pink.  We had a pink I could stand, however it was very dark and bright.  Everyone in the family was a little shocked by it, especially when confronted by it in the early morning.  Finally, I gave up on frugality and went back to buy another gallon. I used my personal colour palette  pick out a shade this time.  I had my colors done by Victoria Sazama, from the Sazama Institute of Colour, Wholeness and Balance, a couple of years back.  She assembled a color palette based on all the tones of my body and then also put together harmonizing tones.  I have very few pastel colors, which is why I don’t really respond to light colors in a space. I went through all of the light colors on the palette and found matching swatches, then Steve picked his favorite. We agreed on this color, kind of pinkish sand.  It is technically my skin tone.  This is not exactly fair to others in the household since no one has exactly the same skin color, but in the interest of time, we went forward. If I would have thought of it, the better solution would have been to consult with Victoria, since she also does interior color selection and could have a color that would flatter everyone. I would have saved time, if I would have started with her, because I wouldn’t have had to go back to Home Depot so many times or repainted the same wall three times. (sigh)

So, here is our organized garden.  Steve and I ripped out most of the raspberries and lifted the stepping-stones.  We are doing a purple and white theme which I am enjoying even though it is a little over the top.  However, considering my natural tendency toward chaos, it probably is good to limit the color scheme to a few colors.  I didn’t limit myself in the front, so I will have one multi-colored garden.  I had Steve do the design, because again, I just would put them in with no intention.  I guess that is what makes us a good pair: I work from chaos to order, he works from order to chaos. If it were easier to move flowers after I planted them, I would do my own design.  Actually, I usually do.  It ends up looking like I planted random plants in random order. However, it doesn’t look like the plant naturally sprouted there either.  Each flower is pretty enough but there is no overall design that visually makes sense.  The best way I can describe my flower designs is “awkward”. I deferred to my husband when it comes to plant placement and so far it looks great.

I will say that two things emerge from this process.  One, under all the chaos in my house, there is a really nice house.  The good news is: I will get to live there after the party until I mess it up.  Second, we are not getting a divorce.  It truly shows how strong the trampoline that is our marriage and our love is, that it can survive our craziness no matter how hard we jump on it.  (Seriously, it was a complete breakdown in Home Depot, I had to go home and take a nap.) 

Anyway, I am working on my bathroom rug, so I hopefully will have that done next week.  Even though it is not the most creative piece it is kind of interesting.

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