So, what do you think happened in this picture?  It is surprisingly hard to tell, isn’t it?  So for about I-don’t-know-how-long, I had balanced this large closet door on this fairly long table to make it even larger.  It turns out I never had my husband nail the door to the table.  When I cleaned off all of the miscellaneous clutter that holds the fabric of my particular universe together, and my husband places two 12 packs of pop on one end, the stage was set.  I came in and placed one more 12 pack on top of the other two in a neat pile.  Wham!  The whole thing, including expensive sewing machine, crashed to the floor.  Fortunately, nothing was broken but my nerves.  Of course, the first thing my husband says is, “Why didn’t you have me screw that thing down?  It seems pretty precarious.”  Having been married for on the verge of 20 years, I know the correct response to this is:  “You didn’t want to.You had some kind of carpenter reason not to that I don’t remember.”  However, I knew that wasn’t true.  My husband is a batten-down-the-hatches kind of guy.  He would have immediately screwed it down if I would have let him.  I’m sure that I wanted to see if I liked it first.  Then it got covered with craft stuff.  Several years go by, and then surprise!

Yes, and that means my little sewing room is nearly packed up in antipation of the party.  I had a surprising amount of craft materials stuffed in my tiny little 9×7 room.  No wonder it is always so messy.  We are planning on serving food in that room so I am cleaning it.  I know I will spend the next several months searching for my things as I return to crafting.  In that searching, many spontaneous ideas will be born.  I already have two just from packing things up.

My wonderful in-laws are coming this weekend, and then next weekend my family is coming.  My friends are helping me, too. I’m so excited and happy to see them and have their love and support. I’m so blessed!

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