So I have started really biking.  I say really biking because I have been a casual biker for years.  However, I am proud of myself this year because I have ridden my bike to work eight times.  My work is about 6 miles from my house each way.  Riding to work, combined with some recreational biking brings my total bike miles for this spring to 100 miles.  It all started with my son who is much more than a casual biker.  He bikes every where.  He just got back from a 200 mile trip on his bike last weekend.  Now, he is planning a cross-country bike trip.  He told me: “You can do it!”

So here I am in one of my biking/work outfits:

So here is my mythbusters:

Weight loss: False.  I have not lost any weight.  Nothing is budging.  However, maybe things will change if I do it more than twice a week. As I get in better shape, I will do more times a week, and hopefully, I will drop some weight.

Sweaty: So far so good.  I have been taking a shower at home when it is below 70 in the morning.  I am fortunate to have a shower at work so I shower there when it is hotter than 70 or so.

Tired: mixed.  I did feel worn out at night but in the daytime mostly very stiff in knees and hips.  Now, that stiffness passed, but I always sleep like a rock the night after I do the ride. 

Saving money.  Somewhat true. I have been using quite a bit less gas.  Some of that is because we have not been doing as much on the weekends, but I think I have contributed somewhat by not driving two days.  Also, a couple of times that my husband would have had to drive me to work, I was able to bike, saving four trips instead of two.  However, I did need to buy new tires for my bike which were sixty dollars, so at this point I am still probably behind.

Getting faster.  False.  I have only managed to shave off ten minutes off my original 50 minute ride.  Through tuning my route and the new tires, I am now pretty consistently at 40 minutes.  Maybe, as the summer progresses, I will get better.  However, since I would have gone  home and gone for a walk or bike ride for exercise, I really haven’t lost any time.

Nerves improved: true.  I have a lot of nervous energy.  When I ride, my stress is much reduced at work.  I feel much more focused and happy at work on the days I ride my bike.

Anyway, I will have a blog later about ideas about dressing for bike riding to work.  I got some ideas from a Real Simple article I read a few months ago but I also have some ideas of my own.  Also I am still hoping that by the end of summer I will also be able to report some weight loss.

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