So here’s some images of my studio, also know as the sewing room.  Now, I cleaned nearly the whole thing out for my son’s graduation so I could use the room for a buffet.  That actually worked great.  Now, I am slowly bringing my stuff back in.  So far, I have been only bringing stuff back as I think of it.  Things are scattered in the basement and the rafters of the garage.  Last night I was thinking of recycling some of my old greeting cards.  When I couldn’t remember where they were, and the first couple places I looked didn’t unearth it, I decided to use other materials.  I know that I will want that box, but I am trying to be very intentional about each and every thing.

Actually, most of this stuff I never took out.  The baskets are decorative and the button jars intentional. I love my button jars, and I plan to expand the jars and get shelving made that fits them exactly. 

Here’s some of my scraps.  I have more packed away in the garage.  I have been itching to work with them.  I want to begin working on cutting the centers for my cathedral window denim quilt. Even though I don’t have all the circles cut, I want to try to assemble it.  However, I can’t find my new 4.5 inch ruler.  Anyway, these are stored in cut off two liter pop bottles stacked on their sides to make a honeycomb.  I love the way I can just reach up and touch the fabric instantly.   Also, the bottles are not attached to each other so I can pull each bottle down as I wish to work on them.  However, they are not very pretty.  I had the scraps in plastic containers before this idea occurred to me.  I found that annoying because I would have to pull each down and search through them.  I still have some plastic tubs in the garage to deal with. At times, I would have them organized by color but that would only last so long.  I’m still thinking about how to store  my scraps.

2 thoughts on “studio

  1. I have my circles cut – a pretty big stack, plus I saved the scraps because I didn’t know if you would have a use for all those cool pockets – maybe a pocket quilt should be next? or maybe that could be some fun-ky new organizational project????
    anyhow, debating if I should mail the circles to you or just wait til July when you come? when are you going to do that part of the quilt?

  2. oh and by the way LOVE the pop bottle trick – definately may have to steal that one or pass it along to others!

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