Thankfully, my commitment to writing here every Thursday and Sunday has got me out of my little anxiety funk.  My oldest boy began his epic bike trip on Monday.  He got on the bus and rode to Portland via Kansas City, Denver and Salt Lake City.  Anyway, he arrived in Portland yesterday.  He and three friends plan to bike back to Minnesota over the summer.  After a couple days of sort of sleeping at night,  I laid down in the afternoon and took a nap yesterday.  I got up refreshed and much less worried.  I knew I needed to get something ready for my post. I only really have the cathedral windows denim quilt out and ready to work on.  So I put together a few blocks.

It was easy to put together.  However, I realized that each circle needs to have the square drawn on.  I plan to do that while I watch tv. 

The back looks great, too.  I will have to try to be more intentional about the value of the circles.  I did get two circles that were very similar together on the other sample right next to each other. 

Here’s a sample of how it will look with the colored squares.  I love the way it looks.  Now I have some decisions to make.  I am thinking about what color thread to use to edge finish the denim part.

Anyway, I will continue to post updates on this blog about my son’s trip to help family follow his progress but I plan to bring this blog back to my primary purpose: documenting my work.  In the mean time, if you are driving on the highway and see some bikers please go slow and be careful.  My boy could be among them.

4 thoughts on “denim quilt

  1. Love your colors. Let me tell you of my experience with this project. My daughter started it, I finished it. We used denim with flannel embroidered squares, beautiful. BUT, it got so heavy none of my machines could handle it. We had enough squares and circles for a double-size and ended up with one crib-size. Very heavy, hard to wash and took forever to dry. Might use the leftovers again for smaller crib-size, meanwhile it is another UFO. Good luck, love the pattern, next time I would avoid the denim….

    1. Thanks for the advice. I will definately try to do it small groups. I am a little nervous about the last long seams, and then the circular edgefinishing on those last few. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I work with jeans, too. and they do get very heavy for the machine. I want to try this pattern, and had an idea on how to lighten it up. what if the circle was the fabric, and the square insert was denim?? it could showcase some of the more unusual parts of the jeans and not be so heavy or overwhelming.

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