Well, I did get into my sewing room for some actual sewing.  I finished a green t-shirt yesterday, and continued to put denim blocks together.  I decided to turn away from the charm rainbow idea and move to a muted color theme.  I find the muted colors work better with the denim.  This is one of the most rigid quilts I have made in a long time, and I am enjoying the challenge of it.

I also bought a shelf for my little jars of bead and buttons.  I have to give it a second coat of paint then hopefully I will get it up tomorrow.  I bought some hooks to put up for my tote bags.  Slowly the room is coming together. I am still in the process of bring up things from the basement and out of the garage.  My big discovery yesterday was my Pokemon cards which were tucked in the middle of  a suitcase packed with fabric.

Bike trip update:

The boys are also updating on twitter at @dembikeboys.  There are more photos there and also more frequent updates.  The photos that I posted today are from the twitter account.

My son and his friends arrived safely in Portland on Wednesday.  However, two of the bikes didn’t arrive.

But the bikes arrived Friday and the boys were on their way.  By Saturday they had crossed the Columbia River.

I am happy to see the helmets in this picture.  Not so much the giant trucks.

2 thoughts on “more denim quilt, bike trip update

  1. thanks for the bike trip info and keep it coming! I thought about joining twitter, but if you will keep blogging about it I can view it through your site. and it is really great that we get some pics too!!
    oh and btw – yes – helmets good, trucks bad

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