So here it is my lame June ufo.  I give myself credit for completing even though it took almost no time.  I feel a little sheepish although because I know that others are finishing much more complex projects.  I’m sure that next month’s project will be much more difficult.  Anyway, this is a t-shirt that I made.  I cut it from a t-shirt my husband didn’t want.  I redid the neck so it is lower, rehemmed it, and cut down the sides and sleeves.  I struggled a little with the sleeves, but otherwise it turned out pretty much like I wanted it.

Bike update

The boys reached the ocean a few days ago.  It was pretty exciting for them to get there since it is nearly the farthest they will be from home.  They camped right near the beach.  It has a little more chilly this week with daytime temperatures in the 50s and some rain.  Eliott said his things were dry in his bags, but the clothes he is wearing as he rides are pretty wet.  By my reckoning on my trusty 1970s era giant atlas, they are doing about 70 miles a day, for about 4-5 days so I think he has reached 300 miles.  He should begin his trip back today or tomorrow.

If you want to follow the boys’ trip more closely check them out at @dembikeboys on twitter.  There are more pictures there as well.

4 thoughts on “t shirt ufo bike update

  1. I think you’re a brave woman to tackle a t-shirt rebuild! Congrats on your finish! The color looks nice with your hair color too!

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