So my July ufo is this knitted scarf.  Now I am a fairly proficient at crocheting, but knitting is something that I never quite got the hang of.  A couple of years ago when my sister, Becky, was visiting, we went to the mall together.  Becky sews, crochets and works with beads, but like me didn’t knit.  The mall was hosting a knitting event.   They gave us each a skein of yarn and knitting needles and we both learned to knit.  Every so often I get it out and work on it.  I plan to make it long enough to use as a scarf this month.  It will be a good project because I have a little bit of travelling in July and it is portable.  By the way, my sister lives in Minot, ND, and her house is very likely damaged from the flood.  If you have any spare prayers for her and her neighbors, I’m sure that they would appreciate it.

Bike update

We were excited to get this postcard from Eliott yesterday.  He was in Forks a few days ago.  Now, he is in Port Angeles.  They will be heading to Seattle for the Fourth.

They really enjoyed Lake Crescent.  They went kayaking and jumped off  a cliff into the lake.  He said it was really cold.  Here’s a picture of the lake from their twitter, @dembikeboys:

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