No, it’s not Cousin It.  It’s me with my circles sewn into pairs.  Wow, it feels great to be back in my studio after being sick, graduation and getting ready for graduation!  These are the circles I have so far.  When they were stacked up they were about six inches high.  My sister has cut some for me, too, so I will have even more.

Bike update

The boys were outside of Spokane, Washington yesterday.  They had a long day reaching a plateau and then had their first 100 mile day.  I have to say, I had my biggest stab of jealousy for them this last week.  They asked a farmer to camp in their orchard.  The farmer said, “Sure, and help yourself to cherries.”  I love cherries. I remember being 17 years old and picking, well really mostly eating, as many cherries as I could. Yum.

2 thoughts on “denim quilt full speed ahead

    1. Thanks, I had a little fun with the circles. I do love cherries, and they are so expensive we hardly get any here. Since we all grew up in the midwest my brother and sisters all remember the day we ate as many cherries as we could.

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