When my grandfather died a few years back, my father asked if I would like anything of his to remember him by.  I asked for his overalls.  My grandfather was a farmer for most of his life and wore overalls to his work.  My aunts thought I was a little goofy asking for semi-worn overalls, but I knew that I would use them for a quilt.  I am adding them to the circle quilt, just 10 or so.  The fabric is so filled of my grandfather’s memory that I plan to save them and use them a little at a time.

In this picture, it is easy to see how different the front is from the back.  The strips on the back have kind of zigzag like striped pattern.  I thought about proportion of these patterned blocks to the solid ones, and I hope they don’t stick out too far.   I put all of my 2 circle sets into 4 circle sets.  I can’t wait to mix in the circles that my sister has for me.  I decided to wait until I see her to make the sets larger so they all the different colors (now patterns) will be evenly distributed throughout the quilt.  Then, I will cut some more squares and start figuring them out.  In spite of being a pattern quilt, there have been a lot of design decisions and, I know, some technical challenges.

Anyway,  the overalls have this great Dickies label that I won’t probably use in this quilt but I will use eventually in the right quilt.


4 thoughts on “Grandpa’s overalls

  1. If you have any scraps of the overalls you could spare someday I would love to incorporate a bit into a quilt for Jeffrey- it doesn’t have to be much- a little piece or 2 would be fine. (unless you know of another pair I can get my hands on?) Jeffrey has a special place in his heart for Grandpa Porter- they shared the same birthday and both loved overalls 🙂 and had the same easy-going, sweet temperament. I think he would love to have a little something of his to remember him by…

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