Yesterday we got the best news.  The boy decided to come back from his trip early.  We found out in the morning, and then he called from Fargo (the farthest west he gets cell phone coverage east of Washington).  He got home shortly before I got home from work.  He is brown as a walnut with hair standing straight out and mostly in dreadlocks.   He’s in excellent shape.  It was so good to see him.  I almost started to cry.  We all missed him so much, and are so happy and blessed to have him back.  (Two boys remain in Montana to finish the trip so you can still send their moms some prayers.)

So it got me thinking about all those young men and women only a little older than my son who are serving our country.  How do their mothers do it?  I could barely hold it together when I didn’t hear from him daily in the fairly safe context of Washington, Idaho and Montana.  How do they do it when their child is a whole world away?  And in war?

Anyway, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for him.  Thanks to all of you who listened to me obsess over and over about his safety (especially you, Mom).  My craziness is much more contained now and I promise to ask what you are up to if you call.

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