Lots of progress this Saturday.  I inserted the orange squares into three of my sets of 16.  I have another six pinned and ready to go.  I chose to put batting in, after some mental debate, because I really wanted the pillowy effect the batting has.  It is going to be  a heavy quilt, and it has a certain amount to stiffness.  I’m not sure that is completely due to the batting.  In any case, it is a great way to use up batting scraps.

So, this is what I learned:

Put a new denim needle in to avoid skipped stitches.

Make cloth squares the same size as inner square, but make batt one half-inch smaller.

Here’s the back.  I also made the decision to use light blue thread.  In my mind, I was thinking of using thread that matched the squares, but I like this light blue so much better.  It shows on some squares and not on others.  The optical illusion of the flowers, the squares and the diamonds is more pronounced and the subtle  gradation of the denim is not disrupted.

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