I have been working on a quilt for Paul for a while, gathering fabric.  I put together this block called Crow’s Beak yesterday.  If  you want to copy it the template and instructions are at Quilters’ Cache by Marcia Holn.  I will be altering the template myself.  The way she puts it together the last piece has to be inset.  I want to change that so it can just be sewn straight across without being inset.  My whole quilt will not be that pattern. I have so many different ideas for his quilt right now.

Here’s another block, unfinished, with a guitar I thread sketched.  You may be amazed by my awesome ability to thread sketch but there is a really easy trick to it. Get a photo or a drawing you like and then lay it on the back.  Stitch right through the paper following the drawing.  Remember to photoshop with mirror image it, if it has words. I usually drop my feed dogs and use a free motion embroidery foot. You have to be a little aware of your sewing machine tension when you do this since the bobbin thread will be the right side. When I’m done I rip the paper off.  I don’t worry too much about little paper shreds since they will be inside the quilt.

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