One more post about my visit to my mom.  We picked up this iron at a garage sale.  It is awesome.  It has buttons for the different fiber content, and is very heavy.  It was two dollars and so much better than my other irons which are very lightweight.  The extra weight really flattens things.  It is ironic that the reason the lady at the garage sale was getting rid of it was because it was too heavy.  I love it.  It is digital, and beeps when it reaches the proper temperature.  The cord is retractable.  It has a huge steam reservoir, I have only refilled it twice in a month.  It is a Conair OneTouch Digital.  Great deal for two dollars.  I remember visiting my mother-in-law and using her iron.  I asked her where her little spray bottle of water was to spritz the fabric.  She said, “Why do I need that?  I have a good iron.”  I finally get it.

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