Yesterday I was so productive.  I woke up at six am and really worked.  I got all of the orange centers put in the denim quilt.  Now the next step is arranging the squares, making decisions about what other colors to put in.  I already know that the very outer edge will be yellow and the very center will be yellow, but besides that anything can happen.  I love this part of the process. (Also, notice our new sidewalk.  Shovelling will be a breeze next year.)

I worked some more on Paul’s quilt and have one denim pocket square done and another crow’s beak square nearly there.  Made the decision yesterday that finished block size will be 12 inches.  Other than that the game is wide open.

I did a little cross stitch on my ufo.  I am slowly making headway on it, trying to work on it every day.  Cross stitch is so slow going.



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  1. It looks really nice! The orange is perfect and I can’t wait to see what yellow adds.

    • Thanks. I have to do some trials to see all the colors I want. But I always like to have some yellow in every quilt

  2. awesome!

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