So, I am starting a new job, so not much happening in the sewing room.  But some pretty important milestones.  Here’s my brand new 13 year old!  Thank goodness they are only teenagers together for two years!

Here is the brand new adult!  Wow! 18 years old!

And here is the first day of 7th grade.  Cool looking guy!

4 thoughts on “life

  1. Fine looking boys! I have loved the teenage years, just because they are so full of dreams and energy. Some people think teenagers make you old, but I have found that they keep my young. Congratulations to you!

    1. Thank you. I don’t feel any older either, it is just a little disconcerting when I reflect on how grown up they are. I have been having fun watching Eliott navigate being an adult with all the possibilities that entails.

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