So, not much happening on the sewing field. The new job, while really great, is kind of wiping me out.  That old dog, new tricks thing they always talk about has come true with me.  Not that I can’t learn new things, it just takes more of my brain’s processing power than it used to.  It’s going very well and I am excited to learn new things.  Unfortunately, my learning-new-complicated-things part of my brain and my thinking of new-things-to-sew part are mutually exclusive.  Or maybe it’s the same part with a limited memory. Anyway, I have been working on some blocks for Paul’s quilt that were already started.  I finished these two blocks yesterday.  Again, I don’t have any idea how they will fit into the overall quilt yet.  In fact, all of the completed blocks are different sizes at this point. However, they were the first two blocks I made for him that he didn’t find some fault with so I’ll take that as a success.

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