Happy Birthday, Dad!

I hope you are having a great day! I’m so glad you are my dad.  I know that you are a huge part of the reason I write at all, and if there is any skill at in my writing that speaks also to your influence. And not just because of the enormous amount of grammar correcting you did when I was a kid.  My kids think you are awesome. They love to spend time with you and you really have influenced them to be sportsmen, something I know they will enjoy their whole lives. Take care and eat lots of cake!

On another note, the mystery is solved.  Paul solved it (after being under suspicion all weekend). He said – “Hey, Mom, you found your cutter!”  I was confused about this statement because no, I hadn’t found my cutter.  It turns out I hadn’t ever lost it.  I had organized it right out of my frame of consciousness by hanging it up so neatly.  You may notice I am filing this under life lessons.  Why?  What is the lesson?  Don’t clean so much because it confuses me?  I can’t work when I am too organized?

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Dad!

  1. life lesson #1 – don’t over organize, or never find anything – got it. make me smile for the day – and that it took Paul to point it – even better!

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