Here is the second small quilt top done. I think I  love this one even more.  I had the large center completed when I started.  It was left over from the Valentine quilt I made last April for Mary Beth.  I used improvisational piecing to put the rest of the blocks together.  I used almost no measuring.  Much of the cutting I did with just scissors and my eye.

I want to point out especially the upper corner.  This is a good way to solve the problem of your corners not meeting perfectly when you are piecing.  Cut them diagonally and sew a strip down the middle. 

Also, notice the small areas of checkerboard, those are my ender leader squares.  While I was piecing, I was doing ender leader with my little tray of two inch squares.  Of course, I was picking the ones that matched my thread and therefore, my quilt.  I realized I could use them in this quilt instead of their own thing.

By the way, if you want to learn more about the Miche bags, I have posted a new blog about the Prima bag at April Style Journal.

4 thoughts on “another small quilt top done

  1. hi – I am not sure what is happening, but your links for the April Style Journal are not working for me – the only way I have been able to go to that blog was from the email you sent to me last week. I have tried each time you post the link within the posts in the April Sewing Journal.

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