quilting queue

I finished pin basting two more quilts yesterday morning:

This one is pinned at least.  I don’t have any intention on how to quilt it yet.  Next week I probably will do some hand quilting on Saturday morning.  I backed it with red polar fleece (you can see a little bit in the right corner) so it will require less quilting.  I may still tie it.  I have some problems still with some squares that have some stains or holes in them.  I will probably do some hand quilting on those squares.

As I was pinning this one, it became very apparent to me how to quilt it.  I debated doing some hand quilting, but I am certain it should be machine quilted.  I have ideas for most of the quilt already. Since it is so obvious what direction I am taking with this quilt, I will probably quilt it next.  I have four quilts in queue for quilting right now, these two, the other small quilt and the denim cathedral window quilt.  I have that quilt in four pieces, but three of the separate quarters are nearly done.

thankful and pinned

Happy Thanksgiving!  I only have Thursday off this year, but I had a great morning talking to my mom and pin basting this first small quilt.  I did a little hand stitching around the hexagon.  I tried tying some of it, but it didn’t seem right.  I will have to spend some time looking at it before I quilt it.  I have no ideas yet.

I hope you are having as lovely of a Thanksgiving.  Since my husband always cooks,  I pretty much just have to pick up a little.  He’s one of the things I am thankful for!  It’s hard not to feel blessed this year:  All my family is healthy and safe, from my parents down to my littlest nephew. Two boys that are doing great in school.  A solid roof and a new (to us) car. A new job that is still less stressful and more fun. Take care and have a turkeyful day!

denim quilt

I finished my first ender leader quilt top.  Now it just needs to be quilted.  What an easy project!  I love these simple denim quilts because they have a real minimist appeal.  You can barely see it but I did some hand stitching. The stitching is just long parallel lines of running stitches. I need to pick up some polar fleece for the back.  By the way, up until this point, the quilt is 100% upcycled.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I totally had to steal this photo of my mom from my SIL, Missy’s, website: Mommy’s Little Peanuts. This is my favorite picture I have of my mom that is current.  She is smiling and holding her littlest grandchild, Seth.  Missy takes such great pictures.

Anyway, today is my mom’s birthday.  My mom is awesome.  She has raised more kids than anyone I know.  She did day care for a long time and many of those kids still visit her.  She’s fabulous with babies.  She is still the principal of Sunday school at her church.

Thanks for everything, Mom!  I wouldn’t be the person I am without everything you taught me.  You taught me how to be a mother. (Tell me again how you survived FIVE teenagers?)  I miss you even more this week because I was sick.  Paul brought me a treat, and then said, “Mom, you are always so nice to me when I am sick.”  Who taught me that toast heals all childhood illnesses?

Have a great day!

Miss you,



I have picked up a terrible sinus cold this weekend.  I have spent most of the weekend laying in bed thinking about things I would rather be doing.  I looked at my angel quilt and pinned a few scraps to it while I was laying in bed.  I spent a lot of times looking at some mums that my mom gave me as a center piece for Eliott’s graduation.  I just picked them from the garden a few days ago and they are blooming beautifully.

new skirt

Last weekend I made finished this skirt.   It is just a simple tube, with a slit.  The waistband is elastic.  It is actually made out of a ribbed knit fabric I got a couple years back on clearance for two dollars a yard.  I found that it has a tendency to stick to nylons and then twist.  However, strangely enough, if the slit is right in this exact position, it is fine.  This is good, because I really don’t like to wear a slip.  Also, with this skirt, I would have to sew the slit closed to wear a slip.  It’s funny, something like this is the simplest kind of project, and yet I know I will wear it quite a bit.  I don’t have as many solid colored skirts as I would like.  I have tons of patterned skirts.

By the way, although I did dye my hair red it really is NOT this red in person.


So what do you do when you get three yards of orange fabric for free? (Thanks, Patti!)

Make napkins. I know they are Halloweeney but I am calling them fall.  I have these four done, but you can see the huge pile I have left in the first picture.  We will certainly have enough napkins for a while. The rolled hem is actually dark blue.  I now wish I would have either matched it or perhaps gone with a bright blue , yellow or red to make them a little less seasonal.  Oh well, hindsight is always twenty-twenty.