Last weekend I made finished this skirt.   It is just a simple tube, with a slit.  The waistband is elastic.  It is actually made out of a ribbed knit fabric I got a couple years back on clearance for two dollars a yard.  I found that it has a tendency to stick to nylons and then twist.  However, strangely enough, if the slit is right in this exact position, it is fine.  This is good, because I really don’t like to wear a slip.  Also, with this skirt, I would have to sew the slit closed to wear a slip.  It’s funny, something like this is the simplest kind of project, and yet I know I will wear it quite a bit.  I don’t have as many solid colored skirts as I would like.  I have tons of patterned skirts.

By the way, although I did dye my hair red it really is NOT this red in person.

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