Happy Thanksgiving!  I only have Thursday off this year, but I had a great morning talking to my mom and pin basting this first small quilt.  I did a little hand stitching around the hexagon.  I tried tying some of it, but it didn’t seem right.  I will have to spend some time looking at it before I quilt it.  I have no ideas yet.

I hope you are having as lovely of a Thanksgiving.  Since my husband always cooks,  I pretty much just have to pick up a little.  He’s one of the things I am thankful for!  It’s hard not to feel blessed this year:  All my family is healthy and safe, from my parents down to my littlest nephew. Two boys that are doing great in school.  A solid roof and a new (to us) car. A new job that is still less stressful and more fun. Take care and have a turkeyful day!

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