ufo 2012

Judy at Patchwork Times is doing another UFO project for 2012, and I am going to give it a shot again.  I had seven finishes out of twelve last year so I am feeling that I was successful.  Only four of my projects are going to be a repeat for 2012 (one I just gave away, so while technically not a finish, it is gone)  So here is my list for 2012:

1. Chicken quilt 1 – Prodigal chicken comes home from war to opulent city

2. Chicken quilt 2 – Country fried chicken

3. Denim cathedral windows quilt

4. Paul’s quilt

5. Ducky quilt – this is a newer quilt, only in my my mind so far with only 3 pieces cut out and the templates even though I have been thinking about it for over a year.  A long way to go, so my goal is only to make progress.

6 .Repair Grandma’s quilt 1 and 2- I came into possession of two of my grandmother’s quilts.  I want to mend them.  They don’t need a huge amount of work, it’s just a matter of getting to it.

7. Dark angel quilt, mend bathroom rug.

8. Christmas star kit and g. cross stitch- this star kit I have been meaning to work on for a full year.  The cross stitch is over 4 years old at least again for the cross stitch it is just to make progress.  Since the kit is mostly working on the computer, I figure it is a good pair.

9. Grandmother’s flower garden- again a very old project.  I have several pieced, and the goal is to get the top pieced at least.

10.Christmas stockings

11. Hawaiian quilt – this one needs a total work over.  I feel like it should be cut into small art quilts.

12. Angel card quilt

2011 ufo wrap up

1. Hawaiian quiltThis quilt I have been working on FOREVER.  I am very frustrated with it.  On the other hand it is potentially nearly done because it has the binding nearly on.  I still feel like it needs to be quilted more. Updated December 2011:  Although this is technically a finished piece, I don’t feel like it is done.  Does that make any sense?

2. Blue Knitted scarf Again, I have been working on this forever.  I think I can declare it finished as soon as it reaches around my neck. Completed in June!

3. Valentine quilt This is kind of a cheat.  I was planning to finish this anyway, with a tentative finish date in April. Completed in April!

4. Dark angel quilt I just began this last week, so although unfinished, it isn’t something I have just been leaving alone.

Update December, 2011 : Again, although technically finished, I feel like it is not done, but very close.

5. Graduation scrap-book  Yes, my boy needs a scrapbook at his graduation party.  I have started it but it has a long way to go. Completed May 31!

6. Green, black and red, corduroy quilt  This I have had half done for DOUBLE forever. I began this quilt in 1997.  This a true ufo. Update 2/2/11: Completed!

Corn, Water and Wood, 61″x76″, fabric, thread, January 2011

7. Cardinal cross stitch I have worked on this for two years, but it substantially done. Update: Done in summer!

8. green t-shirt I just cut this at Christmas time. completed 6/28/11!

9. denim dress remake I have barely started this.  I just cut off the collar. I have a very vague idea of what to do with it. Update: I accidentally gave this to good will.  Since it is gone, I call it done.

10. These next three I am very nervous about putting on.  I have worked on them for a long time and they are hand sewing.  I am nervous I won’t finish them.  The first one is the Jewel Encrusted Pony. Update: Completed!

11. g cross stitch This is a top-secret project that I have worked on for six years.  It is a gift so I don’t dare give more information.  Hopefully, the person will someday receive it. Update: unfortunately this one will have to go on my 2012 list.

12. grandmother’s flowers quilt Again I have worked on this project on and off for four years. Maybe longer. Update: Again this one will have to go on 2012’s list.

So this is my final update for 2011.  I loved doing this project and have already started on my 2012 list.  It felt a little like college with self-directed deadlines not completely under my control, but with a lot of cheerleaders.  I definitely made progress.  I got seven projects done completely done and three more on track.

Christmas cow and other things that make me smile today

Christmast cowYes, this is my Christmas cow.  I appliqued it yesterday.  I have had this cow for 20 some odd years since my grandmother died.  This is just like her whimsical use of fabric.  A red and white striped cow?  I wish I could ask her if she meant to use it with irony.  She would make whole quilts of these little appliqued animals that she traced from coloring books.  I still have quite a few.  I picked this one out because it matched the quilt that I am working on for Paul.  I’m not certain if he will go for it in his quilt, but it sure made me smile to make a candy cane cow.

Here’s another thing that makes me smile:

You may say, so what?  A nice family postcard.  Just to let you know this is the second year we have gotten a card from these people.  So pretty, so personal.  Yet neither Steve nor I have ever met them.  We spent about three days last year trying to figure out who they are since they had sent us such a nice, personal card.  Finally, we googled them:  he is our councilman.  Again, I googled him this year, this time I actually read his website a little to see what he was about.  I found that I do agree with him on most things. Awesome plot to get my vote!

This is a surprisingly long post, but I want to share one more thing with you. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs and it captures what I would like to say to all of you:

This Is My Prayer For You

Peaceful valleys, mountaintops

No dark alleys, or sudden stops

This is my prayer

This is my prayer for you

Love is calling, starry skies

Always falling, but not for lies

This is my prayer

This is my prayer for you

May all your sweet dreams go unbroken

May every wish you’ve ever spoken

Come true

This is my prayer

This is my prayer for you

Celebrations, true blue friends

Revelations, and a heart that mends

This is my prayer

This is my prayer for you

May all your sweet dreams go unbroken

May every wish you’ve ever spoken

Come true

This is my prayer

This is my prayer for you

Arms that welcome, doors opened wide

All your loved ones, gathered by your side

This is my prayer

This is my prayer for you

May all your days be filled with laughter

May all your prayers be quickly answered

This is my prayer

This is my prayer for you

-Reba Mcentire

Christ is born! Join the Celebration!

traveling man

So, here he is- on his way.  Our first Christmas without our boy.  I guess what my friend says is true: he’s now a young man.  He’s going to see his California family.  The excitement he had getting on the bus was only matched by his grandma’s excitement when we called to let her know he was on his way.

His bus trip did run into some trouble in Oklahoma where they had unusual ice storms.  His trip was rerouted through Dallas and Phoenix.  He should be there today.

I had to show the back, too.  Look out, Grandma, he brought his mandolin.  Ask him to play Angels we have heard on High.

more tiny quilts (some call them pot holders)

Here are some tiny quilts – potholders that I made for gifts.  These are fabrics that were given to me from my Aunt Lou.  I love these pot holders. They are so vibrant and colorful.  I love the dot reverses and the big candy stripes and the little candy cane stripes.

Here’s the back.  So much chaos so much fun!  I brought two of these up to put in our random gift exchange, along with a cookie jar, a measuring cup, some colored sugar, some tea towels and some chocolate chips.  My sister won it in the dice game we play for the adult gift exchange.  I was really excited to see her open it and glad that she liked it.   I’m sad the weekend is over.  It is always so good to see everyone and it went by in an instant.

where was I?

I missed my self-imposed goal of posting every Sunday yesterday.  Time just got away from me.  But I did get some things accomplished.  For Steve’s piano student:

I finished the first of four of these little bags.  Steve saw something very similar at Joanne’s and I am attempting to make them.  I hate to say how inexpensive they were at Joanne’s and how much time it is taking to make them.  Oh well, I live for the challenge.

I also made much progress on this:

Yes, nearly everything is wrapped and ready for shipping or for my family.  The only shopping I have left is for my husband and my kids.


Secret Santa

Well, I found out I was secret Santa at my work to someone who cooks.  So I had to make him some tiny quilts.  Tiny quilts that can also be used as potholders. Even though the stars are Christmasy, I used colors that were definitely not Christmasy so they can be used year round.

I struggled a little bit with binding.  This is the third time this week that I did machine applied binding.  Usually for my quilts I attach it by machine and then turn it and hand sew it on the other side, not going through all layers.  But these potholders I wanted to be washable and sturdy so I machine binded them.

You can see where I missed a little bit on the bottom corner and on the front there are a couple of little flubs.  My other project (you’ll see it soon) came out a little more perfect I think because the contrast between the binding and the backing fabric and therefore, the bobbing thread was less.   Oh well, if I could make them perfectly, I probably would have to move on to something more challenging.

November ufo

Well, yes, I finished my November ufo!  I hope it counts that I finished it in April, but done is done. Here it is!

December’s ufo will be more of a problem.  It is a grandmother’s flower garden.  I have a lot of other projects with deadlines this month so I’m not sure I can finish a hand sewn top. We’ll see.


Well, I had all good intentions to finish my little quilt last night.  I have it about one-third of the way quilted but I went to the urgent care with my husband.  In the middle of the night he rubbed his hand against the door.  He gave out a furious scream.  He had lodged a splinter under his nail.  The splinter was so long it went from the tip of his fingernail all the way to the top of his nail bed.  He went back to bed, to sleep ( I don’t know how he does that -the ability to sleep when in pain).  Anyway, by the next night it was puffy and no amount of probing with tweezers would get it out.  So, we went in to urgent care.  The doctor shot him full of Novocaine, loosened the nail bed then pulled the thing out.  It was one of the grossest things ever.  Steve got a little red in the face, but unlike me in a similar situation, he didn’t scream or pass out at all.  The nurse wrapped it up in gauze until it was three times the size of his finger and sent us on our way.  By the time we got home I was exhausted.

Which finger was it you ask?  The middle finger on his right hand.  You can insert your own joke here.