Well, I had all good intentions to finish my little quilt last night.  I have it about one-third of the way quilted but I went to the urgent care with my husband.  In the middle of the night he rubbed his hand against the door.  He gave out a furious scream.  He had lodged a splinter under his nail.  The splinter was so long it went from the tip of his fingernail all the way to the top of his nail bed.  He went back to bed, to sleep ( I don’t know how he does that -the ability to sleep when in pain).  Anyway, by the next night it was puffy and no amount of probing with tweezers would get it out.  So, we went in to urgent care.  The doctor shot him full of Novocaine, loosened the nail bed then pulled the thing out.  It was one of the grossest things ever.  Steve got a little red in the face, but unlike me in a similar situation, he didn’t scream or pass out at all.  The nurse wrapped it up in gauze until it was three times the size of his finger and sent us on our way.  By the time we got home I was exhausted.

Which finger was it you ask?  The middle finger on his right hand.  You can insert your own joke here.

4 thoughts on “splinter

  1. Wow! You are up early this morning. I was glad to hear you had such a nice holiday. He does come up with some good ways to hurt himself. And what’s funny is he really is not a risk taker. He is already feeling much better. Thanks.

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