Well, yes, I finished my November ufo!  I hope it counts that I finished it in April, but done is done. Here it is!

December’s ufo will be more of a problem.  It is a grandmother’s flower garden.  I have a lot of other projects with deadlines this month so I’m not sure I can finish a hand sewn top. We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “November ufo

  1. Well, you could always swap out for something different and save the flower garden for January when there will be more time and you will need flowers to save you from the winter blahs.

    1. Thanks for the advice. It is a very cheery and sensous quilt, made all of satin, so it would be nice to work on while watching tv in bed in winter. I am doing some travelling this month to see family so maybe I’ll bring it in the car. Otherwise, I’ll just roll it on to next years ufo list! Take care.

  2. Cute! Being a Valentine baby, I can’t resist any quilt with hearts on it. 🙂 Best of luck on your grandmother’s flower garden, too. Even if you don’t finish in December, it sounds like a perfect project to help January fly by…

    1. Thank you. Hearts are a motif that I just keep coming back – that and stars. I guess they are my lucky charms. I know after Christmas my time will be more free, but otherwise it may stretch into January. Thanks for stopping by.

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