January ufo wrap up

Here is what I have of the ducky quilt, my January.  I also have many more cut including some different flowers: tulips, pansies and roses.  I also have the actual ducks ready to be appliqued.  This isn’t a finish, that wasn’t my goal since this quilt is so new. Judy said to set reasonable goals, so my goal was only significant progress. If Judy would have drawn it later in the year, it may have happened and still probably will in 2012- but probably the fall.

Paul’s quilt on the other hand is nearly done.  It would be awesome if Judy drew it for next month because all it needs is the border for the top to be done.  I will continue on it anyway because I’m on track.

By the way, I just posted a new book review on my other blog: Shadows in Flight by Orson Scott Card.

more January flowers

More flowers.  No, this is not the same quilt.  It is another ufo that I have been working on for years.  I got it out to take a look at it again, and get going on it.  It is all satin fabrics. It looks pretty big, so I only plan to make a few more.  Steve said I should get some more satin in purple to offset the colors I already have.

Here they are all packed away.  I love this picture because they fit so perfectly in this box, without bending or any extra space.

Paul’s quilt

I finished all the blocks for Paul’s quilt.  I’m really pleased how it turned out.  It’s very teenager-like and just like Paul. He has mostly worn black with a little red for the last year or two so, of course, when I asked him what colors his quilt should be, he said black and red.  It has several of his t-shirts.  It is really a very interesting combination of fabrics: jersey knit, rayon, cotton quilting fabric and, of course, my old stand-by denim.  To me, it is too diverse, perhaps structurally unstable.  It’s funny, my husband loves and said it is one of my best, most cohesive quilts.

not sure

Well, I am nearing the end of this quilt.  It is a quilt for Paul.  He specifically chose red and black as the color scheme.  Then, we went to the fabric store and he fell in love with this Asian themed fabric.  He said for me to use as much as possible in his quilt.  I’m not completely sure it works.

On another note, I went through all of my boxes of scraps and organized them.  I was looking for yellow fabric for the flower quilt.  I found a few good yellow scraps, but I also found a bag of cut squares.  They were in my aunt’s things. However,  I think they were actually my grandmother’s because of the color scheme and also because I got a very similar bag when she died. I have been doing leaders and enders, but my box of little squares is getting sparse.  After the first denim ender leader quilt, I cut some two-inch squares.  Every time I am piecing a quilt, I piece a few in the same color scheme.  Then, I tend to incorporate them into that quilt.  You can see them in the doll quilts.  Anyway, it was nice to refresh my pile of ender leader pieces without actually having to cut them myself.

January flowers

Here is the beginning of my new quilt.  I call it the ducky quilt. It is the number four UFO quilt.  Technically, it was only a UFO in my head because I hadn’t yet started it, but now it is on its way.

They are essentialy dresdon plates, but they go together really quickly.  I will also be adding roses, pansies and tulips, so far. And, of course, ducks.


I am about to give you some life altering organizational advice.  I learned this from my kids.  If it is absolutely crucial that you don’t forget something, write it on the back of your hand. I usually write it toward my wrist where I don’t wash as often, but not so far that it is under my sleeve.  This is an awesome way to remember something because you always have your hand with you, and probably look at it several times a day. Here’s an example of something I thought of at 10:30 pm, right before I went to sleep:

I usually use initials, but sometimes I forget what the initials mean, so sometimes I write short words.  My kids sometimes write school assignments.  Anyway, this is reminding me to email someone from church.  If you are even more forgetful yet, try this method:

Yes, fall asleep with your face on your hand.  This way other people will remind you of what you forgot by saying:  “Why do you have backwards letters on your face?” By the way, my mom has a special saying that I use when these sort of things happen to me.  Since she lives far away, I often have to say it to myself: “Swift, Roberta Ann.”

finished doll quilts

Here are the two finished doll quilts.  I brought them up a few weeks ago  to our family Christmas gathering for my little nieces.  It is so fun to have a couple of little girls to sew for.  I wanted Mary Beth to have a matching quilt for her baby dolls to the quilt I gave her. It’s always fun for the cousins to have matching gifts. We always make lists for the kids for the Christmas exchanges. When I got their lists and there was no mention of baby dolls or clothes, I had a little panic attack.   I quickly called my mom and asked her if they still played with baby dolls.  She said they still did, so I finished these up for them.

Here’s a picture of my little niece opening it up:

I stole this photo from my sister’s blog : joys of childhood. Isn’t she sweet?  She is still little enough that she might be able to use it for a nap, too!

denim ender leader wrap up

With the holidays, I missed showing you some projects that I finished for gifts.  Here is the finished ender leader denim quilt.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  It is backed with polar fleece, then I simply brought the edges up and over and used a zigzag stitch to create the binding.  It’s funny how denim can just glow.  Since these quilts always evoke landscape for me, I did some circles for the quilting, reminding me of the drainage fields I saw once when we flew to the west cost.

I put this in our ten-dollar gift exchange in North Dakota, and my sister, Becky, won it. She traded for it, so I was excited that she was so interested in it. I have a mental image of her all snuggled up under it that night.  (I wish I would remember my camera sometimes).

On a different note, I want to let you know that I have joined the amazon affiliate program.  You may notice on the sidebar that I have added a picture of what book I am now reading and what I am currently listening to.  If you are interested in the book, the picture is a link to Amazon.  If you buy the book using that link, I will receive a small commission. I will be doing more with this later, including book lists and reviews.

Happy New Year, and may your year be full of blessings!