Here are the two finished doll quilts.  I brought them up a few weeks ago  to our family Christmas gathering for my little nieces.  It is so fun to have a couple of little girls to sew for.  I wanted Mary Beth to have a matching quilt for her baby dolls to the quilt I gave her. It’s always fun for the cousins to have matching gifts. We always make lists for the kids for the Christmas exchanges. When I got their lists and there was no mention of baby dolls or clothes, I had a little panic attack.   I quickly called my mom and asked her if they still played with baby dolls.  She said they still did, so I finished these up for them.

Here’s a picture of my little niece opening it up:

I stole this photo from my sister’s blog : joys of childhood. Isn’t she sweet?  She is still little enough that she might be able to use it for a nap, too!

4 thoughts on “finished doll quilts

  1. Mary Beth LOVES her doll quilt- it was one of her favorite Christmas presents. She covers all her dolls up every night with it and tucks them in right before we tuck her in. And she especially loves that it matches hers. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to make it! I know I have a picture also and I will get it up on my blog(I’m sure you noticed I’m really behind with December posts and am slowly getting them up). So keep checking!

    1. I’m so glad she liked it. It is such a blessing to me to have two little girls to get presents for. I had Steve and Paul pick out the boys’ presents, but it so fun for me to have some little girls in my life! I can’t wait to see your pictures, your photos are always so great. Thanks for coming by.

  2. Hi There Aprilsewingjournal,
    I take your point, I am in a swap and my partner (who can’t know who I am, so I can’t ask her) has a Blythe doll. I’d like to make the blanket the perfect size for it, but I don’t know what that would be. Any ideas?

    1. I would do an internet search for the size of the doll to get the approximation. I made mine about 36 inches square. I thought that was a good size for an 18 inch doll, which is how big I think the american dolls are. I would recommend you use a very thin batt. Even though I used the thinnest polyester batt, I wish I would have used a cotton batt or even just a piece of flannel.

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