I am about to give you some life altering organizational advice.  I learned this from my kids.  If it is absolutely crucial that you don’t forget something, write it on the back of your hand. I usually write it toward my wrist where I don’t wash as often, but not so far that it is under my sleeve.  This is an awesome way to remember something because you always have your hand with you, and probably look at it several times a day. Here’s an example of something I thought of at 10:30 pm, right before I went to sleep:

I usually use initials, but sometimes I forget what the initials mean, so sometimes I write short words.  My kids sometimes write school assignments.  Anyway, this is reminding me to email someone from church.  If you are even more forgetful yet, try this method:

Yes, fall asleep with your face on your hand.  This way other people will remind you of what you forgot by saying:  “Why do you have backwards letters on your face?” By the way, my mom has a special saying that I use when these sort of things happen to me.  Since she lives far away, I often have to say it to myself: “Swift, Roberta Ann.”

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