Well, I am nearing the end of this quilt.  It is a quilt for Paul.  He specifically chose red and black as the color scheme.  Then, we went to the fabric store and he fell in love with this Asian themed fabric.  He said for me to use as much as possible in his quilt.  I’m not completely sure it works.

On another note, I went through all of my boxes of scraps and organized them.  I was looking for yellow fabric for the flower quilt.  I found a few good yellow scraps, but I also found a bag of cut squares.  They were in my aunt’s things. However,  I think they were actually my grandmother’s because of the color scheme and also because I got a very similar bag when she died. I have been doing leaders and enders, but my box of little squares is getting sparse.  After the first denim ender leader quilt, I cut some two-inch squares.  Every time I am piecing a quilt, I piece a few in the same color scheme.  Then, I tend to incorporate them into that quilt.  You can see them in the doll quilts.  Anyway, it was nice to refresh my pile of ender leader pieces without actually having to cut them myself.

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