I finished all the blocks for Paul’s quilt.  I’m really pleased how it turned out.  It’s very teenager-like and just like Paul. He has mostly worn black with a little red for the last year or two so, of course, when I asked him what colors his quilt should be, he said black and red.  It has several of his t-shirts.  It is really a very interesting combination of fabrics: jersey knit, rayon, cotton quilting fabric and, of course, my old stand-by denim.  To me, it is too diverse, perhaps structurally unstable.  It’s funny, my husband loves and said it is one of my best, most cohesive quilts.

5 thoughts on “Paul’s quilt

  1. It’s wonderful…..a man’s quilt, yes…..you really have an eye for what a young man would like…..he should enjoy it for all his days……your husband is very right!

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