chicken comes homes home to roost – February ufo wrapup

No, it’s not done, nor will it be in five days.  But I made significant progress.  I painted it, layered the batting and backing and did a great deal of quilting.  Then yesterday, I added the chicken prince.  Paul and I spent some time with markers, going over the black lines.

I think it really pops now.  But I need to do some more hand quilting.  I want to add a frame, then add more batting and a new back.  I will then machine quilt it, and finally add beads.  It may be a 2013 ufo.

gone, now back

Paul and I went on a trip to help my sister pick out her wedding dress.  I had a great time seeing everybody and being a part of the preparations of the wedding. We took a bunch of pictures but I forgot my camera at home ( and my address book, my color swatches) so the pictures are all on my sister and sil’s cameras.  It’s nice to be home although, and I had a great surprise when I got home.  My sweet husband had cleaned the house top to bottom. More on Thursday.

magical Valentine’s

Well, first we thought that we really wouldn’t spend Valentine’s Day together.  Then, Steve’s lesson cancelled.  So we decided to go out just for a little while and drive around the lake.  Along the lake, someone had set up these magical ice sculptures for Valentine’s Day along the path.  It was really magical and beautiful. Such a great Valentine’s surprise!

chicken update

Here’s my prodigal chicken quilt again, sans prodigal chicken still although he is mostly sewn and just needs to be attached.  I have and idea for the path that I want to finish before I put him in.

I’m at a discouraging point of beginning to know what I want to do, but knowing there is much left.  Oh, why is February such a short month!  I decided yesterday I want a pieced border for this quilt.  It will be my largest tiny quilt yet.

corneal abrasion

According to the care line nurse last night, I may have a corneal abrasion.  I am heading into the doctor today, and I was pretty wiped last night, so I didn’t get anything together for you here today.  However, I did have a post ready to drop over at my other blog: April Journal.  So if you would like to take a look at my review for Jeannie out of the bottle check out that blog. Yes, it is what it sounds like: an autobiography of Barbara Eden.  Enjoy!

Update: Fortunately, the nurse was mistaken (she didn’t see it we just talked on the phone) it was a huge group of broken blood vessels on the my white eye and extreme irritation. Very treatable with drops.

Prodigal chicken comes home from war to opulent city

So, I pulled out the first chicken quilt, February’s ufo.  I decided to paint the quilt before I progress.  I used diluted acrylic paint.  I am nervous that it will be difficult to stitch due to stiffness. Although I have painted my quilts before it’s been a while.  I was reminded how nice it could look by The Smallest Forest.

Anyway, here is my template for the chicken.

I have used this template on this tiny chicken quilt aka potholder and the country fried chicken quilt.  In fact, this is the back of a semi-finished chicken that I xeroxed.  I lay fabric on the front side then sew around it from the back.  Then I trim away extra fabric. I achieve a very accurate copy out of fabric.  I will pull off the paper before I applique it.

family craft night

Steve bought this clay for me for Christmas.  It is air drying clay. We all sat down together and made objects a couple of days ago.  Steve made the beautiful flute.  Paul made the mushrooms.  Even Eliott made an object.  It was  fun evening.