So, I pulled out the first chicken quilt, February’s ufo.  I decided to paint the quilt before I progress.  I used diluted acrylic paint.  I am nervous that it will be difficult to stitch due to stiffness. Although I have painted my quilts before it’s been a while.  I was reminded how nice it could look by The Smallest Forest.

Anyway, here is my template for the chicken.

I have used this template on this tiny chicken quilt aka potholder and the country fried chicken quilt.  In fact, this is the back of a semi-finished chicken that I xeroxed.  I lay fabric on the front side then sew around it from the back.  Then I trim away extra fabric. I achieve a very accurate copy out of fabric.  I will pull off the paper before I applique it.

One thought on “Prodigal chicken comes home from war to opulent city

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