According to the care line nurse last night, I may have a corneal abrasion.  I am heading into the doctor today, and I was pretty wiped last night, so I didn’t get anything together for you here today.  However, I did have a post ready to drop over at my other blog: April Journal.  So if you would like to take a look at my review for Jeannie out of the bottle check out that blog. Yes, it is what it sounds like: an autobiography of Barbara Eden.  Enjoy!

Update: Fortunately, the nurse was mistaken (she didn’t see it we just talked on the phone) it was a huge group of broken blood vessels on the my white eye and extreme irritation. Very treatable with drops.

2 thoughts on “corneal abrasion

    1. Thank you – it turned out the nurse on the phone line was wrong- fortunately. It was an injury to the white part of the eye and it is treatable with drops. I should be back to myself by the weekend.

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