I imagine they were specially dyed for someone’s wedding but now they’re mine!  Green velvet shoes.  Who would ever buy such a thing.  Me, apparently.  I love them.  I wore them to work yesterday, and they were awesome!    I went to Savers looking for black or navy shoes and then there these were.  Three dollars!

Anyway this raises a lot of fun questions:

How far into March can one wear emerald-green velvet?  (I usually put my velvet aside toward the end of January, although I did were my velour skirt longer this year.)

How many pairs of winter shoes can Roberta own that can’t be worn when there is snow on the ground, rain or any sort of dampness outside if she lives in Minnesota?  (Apparently, at least three, if she has snow boots.)

How many green outfits can I assemble right now? (Actually, none that are the right color green.  I guess I need to go shopping to buy an emerald-green dress and emerald-green tights.  Isn’t St. Patrick Day coming up?)

4 thoughts on “green velvet

  1. Great shoes! I would wear them at least until April! I wouldn’t wait for the perfectly matched green items were found…how about with a black or chocolate brown outfit?

    1. Thanks, I never thought of brown, only looked at my greens. I will have to dig through my closet. Plus, I do have some chocolate brown velvet in my fabric stash, maybe I will have to pull it out. Thanks for the idea!

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