Yes! I made this yesterday.  I was particullarly proud because I have been very sick all week with a head cold.  But yesterday, I just barely well enough to make this.  Patti had given me a gift card to the fabric store for Christmas this year and this was one of the fabrics I bought.  I am excited to wear it to church today.

Steve and I also went to the fabric store and bought the fabric for the back of Paul’s quilt.  I especially love the lobster fabric.

These were two fabrics we picked up in the clearance area to make shorts for Steve.  By the way, never go the fabric store with your husband when you are sick.  You will buy three times your budget (even with all of your coupons) and volunteer to make shorts.  This is actually not everything we bought. I shouldn’t complain.  He was willing to drive me there when I was sick and walk around for an hour and even sort through the fabrics I picked out for Paul.  He even knows if there is more than one roll of fabric to pick the one with the least yardage so I can get the end piece at half off. I’m also secretly a little excited to make the shorts.

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