I was thinking yesterday about one of Steve’s college professors who said that as a painter he tries to paint like an ant crawling on the surface.  Such is quilting.  I did get five more squares quilted.  It took me three hours.  Not that this was unpleasant, I spent most my time on the phone with my mom.  My mom has the awesome super power of always being awake when I am awake.  She must have learned it when I was a baby.  Anyway, if I wake up at 5:30 am in the morning and can’t get back to sleep, I can call my mom.  After I got off the phone,  I thought to myself, it took me 3 hours to quilt five squares, the quilt has 36 squares, (insert math here) : 21 hours for just the hand quilting part of the quilt.  Obviously, this is only a small part of how much I have worked on this quilt.  Now, making quilts is a great joy for me, so I obviously am not in it for the money or the fame. This is why I don’t sell my quilts, I could never make enough money to compensate me for my time and really make them the way I want them to be.

Anyway, I am also making progress on my stockings.

One done!  Yes, it is mine.  I have learned to do mine first because if I usually make them better as I go. Anyway, I made a monograms, edged the monogram with fur and paint.  Then I attached it with a button.  I added lace around the cuff and (hard to see) little gold beads at each quilted seam.  They are turning out great. I’m having a hard time motivating myself because I have three projects that all need the same thing right now: hand work.  For that reason, I will be glad when these are done.  However, these stockings at least have the added bonus of being portable. However, I only have eight days to complete them.

On another more delicious note: for those of you who live in Minneapolis-St Paul, the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market is open! It technically doesn’t close but in the winter, there is only meat, eggs, and seafood and they only come every other week.  Now, they are open every Saturday, and there is more variety. Don from Heinel Farm  was there with spinach and green onions.  There were already some bedding plants, chocolate and, also, Joe of Caribbean Heat.  Anyway, the big surprise was morels!  Paul and I had picked another five on the parkway.  We were really excited to get a quarter pound at the Farmer’s Market, only slightly overpriced.  We had a delicious dinner last night of morels and pasta.

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