This has been an unusual weekend to say the least.  Eliott found this bird on the parkway, and carried it all the way home on a stick.  After Steve and I calmed down at the thought of it flying all around our house, he brought  it on the porch.  It was very docile, just sort of sitting there and we all kind of thought it was sick or perhaps injured.  Eliott very gently made it a little box with fruit, water and bits of things he thought it might eat.  He kept it on the porch for an hour or so, then he set it outside.  I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but the bird flew away!  Steve thought perhaps it was stunned.  I’ve never seen a wild bird behave that way, so docile to be carried like that then recover.

In other news, we finally got our sink and cabinets in!

It came out better than I expected.   I love the way the white sink brightens the room! It’s funny how it looks like it has always been there. The cabinets still need some touch up painting, handles and a little molding,  but by and large it is done!  Yay!  Now, today I just have to clean and put everything away.  Then, later I plan to go sweep the huge empty space in my garage where the cabinets and the sink sat since Christmas.

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