So, if you were reading this blog for a while, you will know I had an eye injury a couple months ago.  Since then I noticed that my pupils were often different sizes.  Now, all I know about different sized pupils is that if your child has a head injury you should check if his pupils are the same size, and if not the same size it is very, very bad.  So based on that I thought:

A. I injured my eye and hurt my pupil in some way that will force me to have surgery.

B. I am crazy and I can’t tell what size my pupils are.

C. I have some kind of crazy tumor.

D.  My pupils were always different sized, and I never noticed it before because I really didn’t spend a lot of time gazing into my eyes until I hurt my eyes.

So, because it was driving me nuts, I went back to the eye doctor.  First, he ruled out B.  This was actually quite a relief, because it is really my go-to diagnosis for anything: “there is actually nothing wrong, it is all in my head”.  By the way, he did this by using a tiny ruler card.  Science is so awesome.

Then, he ruled out A, by turning shining lights in my eyes repeatly until I had a headache.  This also ruled out C in his opinion, because my eyes functioned correctly.  So, yes, D is the correct answer: my pupils are not the same size most of the time.

Here is the proof:This is a close up of my eyes from January 3, 2011.  Great red eye, huh?  Anyway, the left eye is 55 pixels wider than the right eye.  Scientific proof from the past.

So here’s my announcement:

Take the time to look at your eyes and your kids’ eyes.  If you or a family member are one of the dilated differently (the p.c. way of saying it), then you will know in case you hurt your eye or your head or whatever.  Trust me, it will make you less crazy in the future.

Happy Mother’s Day, especially you, my own awesome Mom!!! Miss you!

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