So hopefully, if all goes as planned by Monday this will be part of a quilt sandwich.  However, before I take out all of the paper patterns I used to piece this thing together with, I wanted to show you them and the short hand history of the past few years they create.  In the photo above you can see the orange papers that Paul’s elementary school with good and bad behavior.

Here is one of Eliott’s tests from high school.  You can see his handwriting.

Here is some of my college paper.  and you can see Paul’s homework below.

Here are some screen shots of training from my old job at the appointment center.

Here is the cover from my church’s bulletin.

Appointment center again!

I like this one, again from college, that says Leaves of Grass, maybe my quilt is like a poem.

I think this is one of Eliott’s papers from school, but I’m not sure, then church to the right and more work paper discards above.

Finally, a sort of label from who knows what.

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